- About Our Senior Pastor -

Rev Roshan Mahesan

Senior Pastor

Zion Church, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Pastor Roshan Mahesan is a well-known church leader in Sri Lanka. He began his ministry with a handful of people during the 21 year long war. When the founder of the church left the country abandoning the church and its believers in 1989, he took the responsibility of leading the church to where it stands now. The Lord told him to raise, lead and influence many pastors, leaders, youths and thousands of believers. His life story – how God raised him from very humble beginnings and his passion for ministry has inspired thousands.

He is a renowned preacher and often challenges pastors, leaders and believers towards holiness, prayer, evangelism, church growth, healing & deliverance ministry and faithful ministry.

His mentor Rev. Barry Silverback, a missionary to Papua Niue Guinea (PNG) and the International Missions Director for CRC churches, Australia, inspired him to live with simplicity, integrity, commitment to God in the face of trials in ministry. His ministry became the target for the Islamist Terrorist Bombings on the Resurrection Easter Sunday the 21st April 2019, where 31 died as martyrs and 86 injured. He’s married to Michelle Mahesan. Their four children are serving the Lord in various capacities.